January 2008

This is very old, well not very old, but pretty old. However, after the Berman video today I was trying to remember what was the last video I had watched so many times in one day. This was the winner.

A good question to ask is how far this sets black people back.


Justice…Thine name is Paperboy

1988 was the year that the epic story of the Paperboy was finally immortalized in all it’s digital glory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Developed by Atari and released for various game consoles in the 80’s, the NES version was by far the most popular. Paperboy allowed kids to take command of the dangerous world that is the life of a paperboy. The object of the game was to deliver papers to all the subscribers and vandalize the non-subscribers (teaching them a valuable lesson that continuing to not subscribe to the paper would leave them open to daily attacks) while avoiding the dangerous conditions of the street. If you damaged a subscribers house they would immedietly cancel their subscription. The only way to win them back was by impressing the neighborhood with a perfect route of 100% delivery accuracy (or pitching a perfect game as the local paperboys refer to it, ask one the next time you see him.. they’ll tell you)

The world of the Paperboy was littered with danger though. From remote control cars to dogs the streets where not safe for the Paperboy. Some of the other threats to your route included crazy women with knives, bees, fire hydrants, break dancers (the windmill is a deadly weapon a paperboy must avoid at all costs), cars, skateboarders, tricyclists, construction workers, drunks, a mini tornado, the Grim Reaper, and the most dangerous of them all…….curbs. Once faced with a curb the Paperboy would crumble into a heap on the sidewalk never to be seen again (unless you had more lives then you would just restart the level).

The best part of the game was at the end of each day’s routes the town you lived in had a convienient training course where you would leap off ramps, avoid sliding doors, and test your paper throwing acccuary with various hoops. A successful run would give you extra papers for the next days route as well as bonus points and extra lives.

The Paperboy’s own brand of justice for those who chose not to subscribe to the paper was brutal and efficient. Broken windows were the least of their problems once the Paperboy was done with them. People would be forced to subscribe just to rid themselves of the daily torture that the paperboy would rain upon them. The Paperboy was extremely serious about his job….deadly serious.

One of the things I always questioned as a kid was when the Paperboy would collide with an object or a person, who he actually die or was he just injured? It would be alot more exciting if a poorly controlled remote control car operated by an 8 year old could actually kill a paperboy. Either way Paperboy was an exciting game that finally gave credit to the little guy…..the Paperboy.

Courtesy of Deadspin

(Caption: Yes I posted about the GSW game just so I could use this outstanding picture)

Minnesota 83, Chicago 67

I wan’t to propose a new rule. If you can’t score at least 70 points in a game, you automatically start the next game down 15 points. It’s embarrassing that an NBA team could only score 67 points in a game. Never mind the fact they were playing an NBA Junior Varsity squad last night. Chicago needs to make a trade right now. Gut the team, don’t inflate the value of Deng and Gordon.

Cleveland 84, Portland 83

I think Brandon Roy is an excellent basketball player. But LeBron James is the best basketball player in the NBA. Fools use the Kobe argument (save it). Bron Bron hit the game winner with 0.9 on the clock.

Golden State 116, New Orleans 103

Another gem from Chris Paul (MVP!), but when Bdavis and Stephen Jackson want to win a game, they are going to win said game. Hopefully the addition of notorious malcontent Chris Webber won’t hurt them too much. 4 Hornets players put up double doubles, and they still come out with a loss. Can someone explain what GSW needs Webber for?

Utah 100, New York 89

You know things are bad when you lose two starters (Eddy Curry and Quentin Richardson) to the infamous “flu-like symptoms” and thats the main reason this game was closer than it should have been. You should also realize that any time I have the chance to poke a stick at the dead, lifeless hump that is the New York Knicks, I’m going to do it.

Making Easy Money Pimping Hoes In Style…Memphis Bleek. What in god’s name? This entry really doesn’t even require much more information. Bleek first appeared on Jay Z’s premier album Reasonable Doubt, on the acclaimed track Coming of Age. Bleek set fire to the track, providing the perfect immature foil to Hov’s more mature, dollar induced style of hustling. Recognizing the potential in the younginHov stepped down from his narcotics founded pedestal to school the young up and comer. Berating him to focus on business and not bling, Bleek seemed to be taking a lesson not only on how to survive and thrive on the streets, but also as an artist.

Somewhere between then and now that message was lost.

Bleek’s career has been an pointless mish-mash of forgettable commercial tracks interspersed with filler songs. In fact, on each of Bleek’s four solo projects, the stand out verses came from guest artists. From Hov’s verse on The Coming to the solo Jay Z track Dear Summer on 534, Bleek has been kept in the house more than Nas as a youth.

For some reason I picture Bleek sitting in one of Hov’s various cribs, constantly rolling up like the weakest link in Beanie’s crew in State Property I. If Jay Z had a bad day, I’m sure he struck out at Bleek on more than one occasion.

But nonetheless, Memphis Bleek has managed to avoid the fate of artists like Amil and Sauce Money, maybe due to his willingness to remain at 5’4″ his entire life.

Coming of Age f Memphis Bleek
I'm out here slingin bringin the drama, tryin to come upin the game and add a couple of dollar signs to my nameI'm out here servin disturbin the peace, life could be betterlike my man reclined in plush leather seatsHe's sellin weight, I'm sellin eight... ballssixteen tryin to graduate to pushin quarters y'allI ain't gon' sweat him I'ma let him come to meIf he give me the nod then these niggaz gon' seeI'm tired of bein out here round the clockand breakin day, and chasin crackers up the block for my payI'm stayin fresh, so chickens checkI'm tryin to step up to the next level, pushin Vettes to the JetsDiamonds reflect from the sun, directly in your equilibirumand stunned I'm waitin for my day to comeI got the urge, to splurge, I don't wanna lifetime sentencejust give me the word


[JZ] Hey fella I been watchin you clockin[MB] Who me holdin down this block it ain't nothin   You the man nigga now stop frontin[JZ] Hahahh I like your style[MB] Nah, I like YO' style[JZ] Let's drive around awhile[MB] Cool nigga[JZ] Here's a thou'[MB] A G?  I ride witchu for free   I want the longterm riches and bitches[JZ] Have it all; now listen to me   You let them other niggaz get the name, skip the fame   Ten thou' or a hundred G keep yo' shit the same[MB] On the low?[JZ] Yeah, the only way to blow   You let your shit bubble quietly[MB] AND THEN YOU BLOW![JZ] Hey keep your cool   The only way to peep a fool is let him show his hand   Then you play your cards[MB] Then he through dealin I understand[JZ] Don't blow your dough on hotties[MB] The only thing I got in this world is my word and my nuts   and won't break em for nobody![JZ] Hah, I like resume, pick a day, you can start[MB] From now until death do us part...

As I sat on the 1 train this morning I kept praying to myself that maybe, just maybe, the train would stop at 207th street instead of going express from Dyckman to 242nd. But my prayers were interrupted by this man who decided to use his speakerphone to check his voicemail. WHY?

It makes no sense to me. I don’t wanna hear this shyt… I just wanna ride the train in peace; maybe get off at my own damn stop, instead of having to walk 8 blocks just to catch a bus to take me across the 207th street Bridge!

But this man got me thinking, what makes a person believe that everyone should hear his private messages…Then I said, f*ck that… what makes a person believe that everyone wants to hear their music selection on their got damn cell phones!?!


I’m saying…Why isn’t this a crime? Everything else in this damn city is… walk through the train cars…pay a fine… have an open container on the corner… pay a fine… sitting on the corner….pay a fine… take ya wallet out… get shot… and then pay a fine!
and yet playing Solijah Boy on a crowded subway car from ya muthaf*ckin cell phone is okay! The shyt doesn’t even have good sound quality. And why oh, oh why, don’t these cheap Radio Raheem ass muthasuckas buy some damn headphones. They only cost $10… a whole lot cheaper than that $400 sidekick you don’t even need cause yo ass is only in the 8th grade!

Am I wrong for wanting a peaceful ride? Am I?
I guess I am, cause as I sat there trying not to fume over this incessant chatter from his speakerphone… The biggest man in the world sits on me! NO you read it right, ON ME… Not next to me, but on me!
You knew ya big ass wasn’t gonna fit in that narrow ass space, but you just felt like trying, huh?… felt like “lil Webster isn’t gonna make a fuss”, well muthasucka you’ve messed with the wrong one today.

What the hell is it with big people…and I don’t mean fat people, cause there is a difference, I simply mean big people. Don’t you see that your elbow has just came in contact with my face… don’t you even look down… SHYT! Then you look at me as if I’m supposed to move just cause yo ass wanted to squeeze in… F*CK YOU NICCA! I was seated here first sit in one of the other 1,000 seats on this f*ckin’ train that isn’t stopping at 207th street. And they really wanna raise the fares!?!?!

Sheeeeiiiiiit don’t even get me started!

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