You remember that scene right?

OJ in the white bronco. Al Cowlings at the wheel. Police officers slowly following him on the highway. I know you remember. OJ basically leading the officers back to his house and asking to get a glass of Orange Juice before he was taken to the station. (Common Sense: Obviously The Hitman doesn’t condone needless murder)

Why do I love OJ Simpson, besides the fact that he played Nordberg excellently in the Naked Gun series…but with that slow speed chase he made one of my numerous birthday parties memorable. I was born on June 20th, but for some reason that year we had a sleepover party after one of my little league baseball games, on June 17th 1994. Picture the scene: Bunch of kids in the kitchen devouring pizza. My dad flips on the Knicks game (ha the knicks were semi relevant then) and minutes later it’s pre empted for the wonderful slow speed chase. The kids were transfixed around the TV all night, even while most of them had zero idea who OJ Simpson was. That’s why I love OJ, he made a non descript preteen birthday memorable. I still have people bringing that up years later.

Who cares that hes going to go to jail on a make up charge for murder.

He gave me a memorable birthday dammit!