Quite a nice little day of basketball for me (watched 4 games). Major news for the day, Carmelo Anthony might be hurt. I’m sure thats exactly what MLK Jr. wanted on his day of rememberance…a crapload of basketball games. But I sure wasn’t complaining.
San Antonio 95, Charlotte 86

Rumors of San Antonio’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Duncan was Duncan, Manu and TP showed up, and someone even remembered to plug in Michael Finley’s batteries overnight. People need to realize they don’t start paying attention ’til April.

Washington 102, Dallas 84

Break up the Wiz. 4th in conference, and no set date for Gilbert Arenas return. They’re actually playing DEFENSE, who’d have thunk it.

Boston 109, New York 93

Ejections aplenty. Quentin Richardson, last reported missing on a milk carton, got ejected as well as Paul Pierce, who seems to have horrible temper when playing bad teams. Kendrick Perkins (huh) dropped 22 in the first half. Precursor to the worst superbowl ever.

Portland 111, Atlanta 109, OT

Travis Outlaw with the game winner. I mean, do they even consider rushing Oden back at all at this point.

Utah 109, LA Clippers 93

Utah picks up a road win against a Clipper team thats either going through the motions, bad, or both. Seems there was a Matt Harpring sighting as well. White people still have hope (hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahah)

New Orleans 106, Milwaukee 92

Chris Paul is the best PG in the NBA.

Minnesota 109, Golden State 108

When you play as out of control as the Warriors do (by design) sometimes you lose to the red headed bastard step child of the NBA.

Memphis 104, Chicago 90

Memphis best player is named Gay. Bulls don’t have a best player. ‘Nuff said.

Orlando 102, Detroit 100

‘Shard earned his (ridiculously overpriced) keep with the game winner. But to get to that point, Chauncey Billups literally took 4 steps after a dribble to tie it at 100. Who needs crooked refs, the bad ones are enough to fix games on their own.