I wish more people cared about basketball. We’re really in the midst of one of its better seasons, and most of the country couldn’t give a damn.

Phoenix 114, Milwaukee 105

Much closer than it needed to be. Nash drops 37 day after I call Chris Paul the best PG in the NBA (he still is Nashie, sorry), obviously he must be reading this. Who the hell knows whats going on in Milwaukee. Outside of Redd, Bogut and Mo Williams, who do you really covet on that team?

Sacramento 128, New Jersey 94

I’m originally from The Jerz, so I always have special spot (by special I mean haphazard interest) for the Nets. God are they terrible. I watched them over the weekend and I’ve never seen a more disinterested club. Vince Carter is like poison for the NBA. All the talent in the world, but the same amount of courage and heart as the guy Daniel Craig played in Road to Perdition. Seems they might be on the verge of a big trade, but unless they are freeing themselves of VC, it won’t help.