Nathan Spencer is the Bionic Commando

Super Joe is back. But this time they gave him the queer ass name of Nathan Spencer. His name was Super Joe, and he touched my soul. He is as responsible for my multiple versions of substance abuse, addiction to meaningless distracting pursuits, and absolute insensitivity towards various forms of violence, racism, sexism, fascism, and iz-ism.

But enough of that. In Bionic Commando you play as a lone soldier taking on an army (called the Badds in the 80s). With a gun in one hand and a coiled arm composed of the most modern technologies, you are a one man shit kicking crew. You go in and take names.

But now it’s 2008, and what was cool on the NES ain’t gonna fly. As a result, we’ve got a suped up, albeit 2D, version of the original game. The arm has extra abilities, such as the ability to tear an enemy’s cover away from him. The guns are more plentiful and pack that much more of a punch. And the action is every bit as fast and furious as its always been. Oh and check out the visuals. 2D has never looked more betterer.

Bionic Commando ReArmed is going to be available for download on both XBox Live and the Playstation Network. In addition to this reworked 2d model of the game, there is a full on 3d version of the game on the way as well.

Anyway, check out the video for a nice trailer.

Note: Capcom will make the Devil May Cry 4 Demo available for download tmrw Jan 24th on XBL and PSN. According to the article on the demo will show off several areas from the final game, a tutorial on using new character Nero’s powers, and culminate in a final boss battle against Berial.

the main character of the Devil May Cry franchise,
and an all around bad ass.