Number of reasons people cite for having sex, according to a new University of Texas at Austin study. Reasons include “It seemed like good exercise” and “The person was a good dancer”
Percentage of U.S. adults who have never had sex
Source: Time Magazine
According to the article there are four main factors for sexual behavior: Physical, Goal-based, Emotional, and Insecurity-based. These reasons varied from “I wanted to say Thank you”, or “It’s exciting”. to “I was bored” or “I wanted to give someone else a sexually transmitted disease”.
Did you just pause right there?
Were you like, “oh shyt, thats a grimy muthasucka”?
Yes, it is, cause people suck (pun intended).
The sad truth is, not everyone enjoys sex, and there are people walking around thinking their sex is the bomb-diggity, when in actuality their partner would rather have a V-8.
Take a second and think about why you have sex, if you have sex.
Is your partner always satisfied?
Do you care?
Some men have failed stroke-a-nomics 101, and some women have fallen victim to the No-flex sex disease. Don’t let missionary be your downfall.

Talk about sex! Communication is the key to any good orgasm.
If you’re unsure about your personal tastes (pun?) try some pineapple for flavor, some strawberries for kink…

Go forth, be fruitful, but please don’t multiply. Wrap it up, it’s the law!