Been a little while. Man I been busy, I’m not trotting out a bunch of excuses for you people.

Boston 98, San Antonio 90

Boston keeps winning sans KG. How is this so. They beat the prohibitive favorites from the Western (Better) Conference, sans KG. Early reports of their demise were grossly exaggerated. You don’t want to play that team in any round of the playoffs.

LA Lakers 104, Miami 94

Shawn Marion debuts…Heat still lose. In a battle of teams with recently traded for stars, the Lakers handled the Heat rather easily. I mean Mark Blount is playing major minutes for them. Simmons had a corollary for Mark Blount when he played in Boston. The guarantee was that if you watched Blount for 90 seconds in a game, you’d see him make at least 3 glaring errors in that time period. I had NBA league pass that year…I checked it out, and Simmons was dead on.

New Jersey 101, Dallas 82

If I could make the Scooby Doo noise I would. I can’t fathom how the Mavs lost this game. The Nets are a complete abomination. Somehow the scourge that is Vince Carter managed to get walloped out of the game AND STILL DROP 29. Count this under “Every dog has his day.”

Denver 113, Cleveland 83

LeBron vs. Melo part 10 (I think)…bleh. Screw the score, LeBron is still better.