I couldn’t have been the only one out there who felt it? A strange pull this Sunday afternoon, a pull in no direction. There was absolutely nothing to do as one turned to two and two turned to three.

Drugs weren’t an option, as I was stuck at home with the family, and as it got colder and colder throughout the day, it was definitely shaping into one of those lazy Sunday afternoons.

But there was no football. Please don’t talk to me about the Pro-Bowl, if you watched that then you ain’t no football fan. That shit ain’t football. So, too cold to go play, no drugs, and no football. Man this is the walk of faith for baseball fans, but it was burning me up.

The worst part was how the networks had no idea how to capitalize on the day. I perused the channels looking for a Twilight Zone marathon, or one of the classic Sunday afternoon flicks (Predator, Jaws, Oscar, Terminator). I got zilch, less than that if you consider the fact that Reindeer Games was actually on tv.

Counting down Sundays until baseball starts.