Release Date: 12 March 1993 (USA)

CB4 was not a terrible movie. Chris Rock was hilarious and the movie “some how” captured what was really happening to hip-hop. (We just did not know it yet)

CB4 A “rapumentary”, covering the rise to fame of MC Gusto, Stab Master Arson, and Dead Mike: members of the rap group “CB4”. In this movie art was imitating a life they did not live… CB4 took a humorous view at how many rappers had been living there “Rap Image” through their note pad…

Stab Master Arson by far was the best name in the Movie and when Dead Mike converted to the Pro-African Rap star, his hit single…” I am blackity Black” was hilarious. The beautiful Rachel True “orig. in the Craft” was one of the leading ladies in the movie, plus the Late Great Phil Hartman was also in the movie. CB4 was an obvious reference to NWA. NWA at the time was considered the most GANGSTA RAP GROUP EVER. Ice Cube Gangsta
However, the future has not been so kind to their Gangsta reputation. Ice Cube Just filmed the Sequel “Are we there Yet 2”, Not So gangstatalk about movies that DONT NEED a Sequel… I would love to see CB5 to come out representing the East Coast Version of CB4, Staring the GGGGGGGG-UNITTT featuring CURRRRRTTTIIIIISSSSSSSSSS.