Jersey Devil

i’ll tell you a story that happened to me about 7 months ago.

I just got home from the barber shop and I had hair all over my neck and chest.
I hopped in the shower and started to wash the severed hairs from my neck.
Out of the opening of the shower curtain inbetween it and the wall out of my perif I see something looking at me.
Right as I see this it bolts off and i’m scred shitless..
I try to continue showering when I hear my rusty screen door creak open and my front door slam closed.
After this there is about 10 seconds of silence.
Than I hear whatever came into my house sprint loudly from the living room straight to the bathroom door, 4 feet away from me.
I am a grown adult, 6’1 220 pounds.
I was standing there naked in my shower crying to myself, praying to whatever god there was to make whatever was outside my bathroom door leave.
After 10 minutes my front door slams shut.

It took me three hours to get myself to leave my bathroom.

Pic is pretty freaking accurate.