So I was bored tonight, beat after a tough day at work and evening at the gym. When I’m like this, and there ain’t sh*t on tv, I usually peruse the interwebs. Now I don’t necessarily do this like you regular people. I could hit up people’s facebooks, check out ESPN, check on the election, or even hit up my video game sites. That’s not what the internet is to me.

So I was frequenting one of the deepest darkest holes that exists on the web, when I ran into maybe the most entertaining thread I have ever seen.

It was dedicated entirely to fetishes.

Star Wars and Waffles Fetish

Now before you start judging me, don’t act so high and mighty. We all have some things that we really enjoy a little too bit. For me, my biggest fetishes are

1) Schoolgirls (outfit not age)


2) Asian Girls

Asian Gal

3) Asian Schoolgirls

Asian School Gal

Well in reality, I guess only one of those is a fetish…but whatever you get my drift.

Now there are your normal fetishes that are, while a bit embarrassing, generally practiced. Fetishes like bondage, athletic women, or women in fights are really just kinky preferences…but that ain’t what the thread I saw was about.

bondage.jpgboxing-fetish.jpg anime-chick-fight.jpg

No the things that I saw chilled me to the core. I nearly hesitate to share them, but information is power in this day and age. You have got to be aware of what sorts of sick things people are capable of in this great country of ours, and across the globe.

Things like eating cats: eating-cats.jpg

or zombie women chasing eggs over ice: curling-fetish.jpg

and of course we’re all aware of the dangers of being a Weaslophile ron-weasly-fetish.jpg

So the next time that perfect guy scoops you up, sets the mood right, and gets you to trust him. Make sure you run a background check just to make sure you aren’t dating an ASIANNURSEBONDAGEWEARINGGLASSESANDPANTYHOSEANDSHOWINGFEET