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I got an email (an interoffice email) urging me (and the 600 other staff members at my agency) to attend one of two rallies protesting the continued incarceration of Mumia Abu-Jamal, former Black Panther and alleged cop killer.

I don’t know how I feel about the case.

…but protests are always a good time. How do these people manage to tie Communist rhetoric and “Free Puerto Rico” into a protest to get one motherfucker off of Philly’s death row?


In recent weeks a site has popped up that has entertained me (and many others) greatly.

Stuff White People Like (

The site is excellent. Now it obviously doesn’t speak for all white people (don’t you fret double wide trailer resident, they aren’t talking about you), but it nails the white hipster/yupster/yuppie crowd right on the head. I happen to be friends with many people that fall in this group and I mean it’s SPOT ON.

A more recent site, Stuff Educated Black People Like, has popped up in the past week. And while not as entertaining as its predecessor, it still ends up making for a good read. Again it doesn’t fit all educated black people (I found myself only really falling into one category) but for a broad swatch of that population, it works.

We approve these sites, and so should you.

One pound of marijuana in Haiti: $30 USD.

One gram of cocaine in Haiti (10x more potent than anything that touches American soil): $5 USD.

Ransom collected the last time my boy was kidnapped in Haiti: $40 USD (and a boombox).

Living in a country where the most pressing national issue is determining the exact chemical cocktail that caused the death of one idiot actor: Priceless.

As I sat on the 1 train this morning I kept praying to myself that maybe, just maybe, the train would stop at 207th street instead of going express from Dyckman to 242nd. But my prayers were interrupted by this man who decided to use his speakerphone to check his voicemail. WHY?

It makes no sense to me. I don’t wanna hear this shyt… I just wanna ride the train in peace; maybe get off at my own damn stop, instead of having to walk 8 blocks just to catch a bus to take me across the 207th street Bridge!

But this man got me thinking, what makes a person believe that everyone should hear his private messages…Then I said, f*ck that… what makes a person believe that everyone wants to hear their music selection on their got damn cell phones!?!


I’m saying…Why isn’t this a crime? Everything else in this damn city is… walk through the train cars…pay a fine… have an open container on the corner… pay a fine… sitting on the corner….pay a fine… take ya wallet out… get shot… and then pay a fine!
and yet playing Solijah Boy on a crowded subway car from ya muthaf*ckin cell phone is okay! The shyt doesn’t even have good sound quality. And why oh, oh why, don’t these cheap Radio Raheem ass muthasuckas buy some damn headphones. They only cost $10… a whole lot cheaper than that $400 sidekick you don’t even need cause yo ass is only in the 8th grade!

Am I wrong for wanting a peaceful ride? Am I?
I guess I am, cause as I sat there trying not to fume over this incessant chatter from his speakerphone… The biggest man in the world sits on me! NO you read it right, ON ME… Not next to me, but on me!
You knew ya big ass wasn’t gonna fit in that narrow ass space, but you just felt like trying, huh?… felt like “lil Webster isn’t gonna make a fuss”, well muthasucka you’ve messed with the wrong one today.

What the hell is it with big people…and I don’t mean fat people, cause there is a difference, I simply mean big people. Don’t you see that your elbow has just came in contact with my face… don’t you even look down… SHYT! Then you look at me as if I’m supposed to move just cause yo ass wanted to squeeze in… F*CK YOU NICCA! I was seated here first sit in one of the other 1,000 seats on this f*ckin’ train that isn’t stopping at 207th street. And they really wanna raise the fares!?!?!

Sheeeeiiiiiit don’t even get me started!

This is ooooouuuuuuuur country!
3.1 million
Number of people from age 12 to 25 who have used over-the-counter cough and cold medicines to get high
Number of nonprescription medications that contain the cough suppressant DXM, which in high doses acts as a dissociative hallucinogenic drug
Who needs the corner boys when you can get your legal fix at Rite Aid!
A spoon fill a day will make that high stay, so grab that Tussin and get your drink on today!

When I was a kid, I remember watching Brian’s Song and quite understanding the overall importance and the underlying message in the film. About five years ago, I was flipping through the channels when I caught the movie at just the right time. After the initial shock of watching an early-70’s made for TV movie staring Billy Dee Williams and James Caan, I settled in and watched one of the greatest movies ever made.

At just over 70 minutes long, the movie is little longer in length than your average television drama episode; but the short run time doesn’t allow for a dull moment. Rather, you see the camaraderie of Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo almost immediately. They’re a backfield tandem, they’re roommates, and they were mixed-raced best friends, which wasn’t often seen in the mid-60s.

Then ‘Pic’ started getting sick. As ‘Pic’ gets more sick, his friendship with ‘Black Magic’ only grows stronger. The strength of Brian Piccolo, along with the friendship he shared with Gayle Sayers are the driving forces of this movie. As Brian Piccolo is nearing death, Gayle Sayers goes to accept the George S. Halas aware for courage and delivers one of the most tear-inducing scenes in movie history.

I’d like to tell you about a guy I know, a friend of mine. His name is Brian Piccolo. And he has the heart of a giant, and that rare form of courage that allows him to kid himself and his opponent, cancer. He has a mental attitude that makes me proud to have a friend who spells out the word ‘courage,’ 24 hours a day, every day of his life. Now you honor me by giving me this award. But I say to you here now Brian Piccolo is the man who deserves the George S. Halas award. It is mine tonight… and Brian Piccolo’s tomorrow.

I love Brian Piccolo and I’d like all of you to love him, too. And so tonight, when you hit your knees, please ask God to love him.

It doesn’t get any better than that. If you can get through this movie without crying, then you’re a soulless beast. I love Brian’s Song and I’d like all of you to love it, too.

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