The bear is NOT in it the first time through…I swear it!


Mired in NBA All Star Saturday night, live from the DC area (on a weekend I was supposed to be in the NYC area, thank you GMC Dealership for not fixing my car the first time), think I might try live diary/blog/whatever of the rest of this evening.

Skipped out on the the first two events of the evening (read: I watched them but will spare you from having to read me write about something I was embarrassed to watch)…

9:44: First round of the 3 Point Shootout just ended, and Jason Kapono (last years winner), Dirk Nowitzki (Angry German), Daniel “Boobie” Gibson (Rookie/Soph Game MVP, just happy to be here) advanced to the next round. Steve Nash gets the Golden Sombrero for finishing with a round low of 9 points.

9:48: I’ve been asked to refer to it as the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout. (Sorry!)

9:49: Boobie Gibson puts up a 17. Why would anyone allow themselves to be called Boobie, what happens 10 years from now, can you really call a 32 year old man Boobie?

9:52: Angry German just gracefully bowed out, returns to bench to ham it up with partner in crime, Steve Nash.


Been a little while. Man I been busy, I’m not trotting out a bunch of excuses for you people.

Boston 98, San Antonio 90

Boston keeps winning sans KG. How is this so. They beat the prohibitive favorites from the Western (Better) Conference, sans KG. Early reports of their demise were grossly exaggerated. You don’t want to play that team in any round of the playoffs.

LA Lakers 104, Miami 94

Shawn Marion debuts…Heat still lose. In a battle of teams with recently traded for stars, the Lakers handled the Heat rather easily. I mean Mark Blount is playing major minutes for them. Simmons had a corollary for Mark Blount when he played in Boston. The guarantee was that if you watched Blount for 90 seconds in a game, you’d see him make at least 3 glaring errors in that time period. I had NBA league pass that year…I checked it out, and Simmons was dead on.