Why didn’t you call ME, Barack?

To refresh your memory on “No Dew Nor Rain”:

Vote or Die, bitches!…..take that….take that

My fellow Americans! Get out there today and do your #1 job as citizens of the greatest country in the world!

Today is the day! Don’t act like a hippy, you can make a difference (unless you live in new york, if you do you’re vote doesn’t matter because this state will go to the democratic nominee).

Let’s start with a brief run down of each of the candidates.

Hillary Clinton

This lil’ lady is the wife of our nation’s first black president, Bill Clinton. She has been working within the system ever since, and is now poised to grasp the leadership reigns on her own.

One of Hil’s biggest issues is her desire to get our country to accept universal health care, a policy that would greatly enhance the quality of life for everyone (except the most wealthiest) in the good ole US of A!

But let us not forget that Hillary voted for the war in Iraq!

Barack Obama

He’s a cool fellow who is all about eliciting positive change in our country. To his credit, Obeezy voted against the war in Iraq, and has since focused on increasing our energy independence (HUGE) and also on establishing universal health care.

Obama is a smoker, I hope he smokes Newports, cuz they are easily the coolest ciggs. Many have also questioned his experience, as he is young and a relatively newbie in the political field. But I think the experience thing is an overblown load of crap.

He also bears a decent resemblance to my friend Kenny! And that is tre’ cool.


Change goin’ Come “Sam Cook”

My views do not repersent all who are involved with this blog, nonetheless we are all proud Americans and we love our country. We might disagree on our candidate but we all agree America needs Change. We are still the best COUNTRY in the world but that does not mean we can not get better. There is no excuse the richest COUNTRY IN the WORLD does not have the highest Literacy rate, lowest crime rate, health care for all, social security for the elderly and the oppurtunity for all to have an equal education. Personally, I believe OBAMA can bring some good change to our country. At the end of the day it is more important that you go out and vote. Voice your opinion so the pundits and politicans see we are not a lazy country who is going to sit back and allow people to dictate how we should live our lives. They work for us and they need to remember who they work for!!! PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR…




Here’s the thing… I can talk intelligently about politics all I want, but eff it. I’m going to talk in this forum about politics the way I wish it was played out. Imagine if you will…

::Barack sitting in his office::

“My fellow Americans…” No, no, no… damn! Why do I have to be all political and crap? Why can’t I just be myself? ‘No one wants to see the real Barack’… my ass. How am I supposed to read this train wreck diatribe my speech writer wrote for me… I need some new rhymes…

::Hits the intercom::

“Shelly, get Luda on the phone…”

“LUDA! It’s Barack. Listen, I need some real powerful beats for my next speech… none of that Austin Powers shit, though…”

::Barack puts his feet up and falls into a day dream::

Do you smell what Barack is cooking?

::Music hits::

Finally… Barack has come back to the White House!

::soaks up applause::

You have Rudy and Hillary and the whole lot of ’em running their jabroni mouths and Barack single-handedly took them out one by one by damn one… Barack has LAYETH THE SMACKETHDOWN on their CANDYASSES!!! IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLL…

::Wakes up, thinking::

Working with Luda or Laying the Smackethdown is fine… but I think Barack can do them all one better…

::slowly nods::